Installed Plugins

Plugin Version Description
3D Code Metrics 3.6.2 Display your software and quality metrics as a 3D city
C (Community) 1.2.2 Enable analysis and reporting on c projects
C++ (Community) 1.2.2 Enable analysis and reporting on c++ projects
CVS 1.1.1 CVS SCM Provider
Checkstyle 4.19 Analyze Java code with Checkstyle
ClearCase 1.1 ClearCase SCM Provider
Cobertura 2.0 A code coverage utility for Java
Code Smells 4.0.0 Additional code smells for Java
CodeCracker for C# 1.0.1 Analyzer library for C#
Findbugs 3.9.3 Analyze Java code with SpotBugs 3.1.0-RC6
Git 1.8 Git SCM Provider for SonarQube
GitHub 1.4.2 Provide some integration between GitHub and SonarQube
GitLab 3.0.2 GitLab Plugin for Reporting
Groovy 1.5 Enables scanning of Groovy source files
LDAP 2.2 Delegates authentication to LDAP
Lua 1.0 Enables scanning of Lua (5.1) source files
Mercurial 1.1.2 Mercurial SCM Provider
PMD 3.2.0 Analyze Java code with PMD
SVG Badges 3.0.1 Display as a SVG image the quality of a project or a view
SoftVis3D Sonar plugin 1.0.1 Creates a 3d view of the project structure
SonarC# 7.14 Code Analyzer for C#
SonarCSS 1.0.3 Code Analyzer for CSS
SonarFlex 2.4 Code Analyzer for Flex / ActionScript
SonarGo 1.1.0 Code Analyzer for Go
SonarHTML 3.0.1 Enables scanning of HTML
Sonar i-Code CNES 1.3.0 i-Code CNES plugin for SonarQube (Fortran)
SonarJS 5.1.1 Code Analyzer for JavaScript
SonarJava 5.12.1 Code Analyzer for Java
SonarKotlin 1.5.0 Code Analyzer for Kotlin
SonarPHP Code Analyzer for PHP
SonarPython 1.13 Code Analyzer for Python
SonarRuby 1.5.0 Code Analyzer for Ruby
SonarScala 1.5.0 Code Analyzer for Scala
SonarTS 1.9 Code Analyzer for TypeScript
SonarVB 7.14 Code Analyzer for VB.NET
SonarXML 2.0.1 Code Analyzer for XML
Sonargraph 3.5 Analyze Java code architecture
Svn Subversion SCM Provider for SonarQube
Xanitizer 1.5.0 Imports Xanitizer security reports
YAML analyzer 1.4.2 YAML 1.1 plugin for SonarQube

To get more plugins please contact the support.