Installed Plugins

Plugin Version Description
Ansible Lint 2.5.1 Ansible lint plugin for SonarQube
C++ (Community) 2.1 Enable analysis and reporting on c++ projects
Community Branch Plugin 1.14.0 Enables branch and pull request analysis
ecoCode 0.2.2 Rules to reduce environmental footprint of software at the code level (Java, PHP, Python)
Groovy 1.8 Code Analyzer for Groovy
Rust language analyzer 0.2.0 Plugin analyzing rust file and importing Clippy reports
ShellCheck Analyzer 2.5.0 ShellCheck plugin for SonarQube
SoftVis3D Sonar plugin 1.2.1 Creates a 3d view of the project structure
Sonargraph 7.0.0 Analyze Java code architecture
YAML analyzer 1.7.0 YAML plugin for SonarQube
Sonar Kotlin 2.5.0 Sonarqube plugin for Kotlin based on detekt

To get more plugins please contact the support.