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  1. New plugin _ecoCode_ available

    ecoCode is a collective project aiming to reduce environmental footprint of software at the code level. The goal of the project is to provide a list of static code analyzers to highlight code structures that may have a negative ecological impact: energy and resources over-consumption, "fatware", shortening terminals' lifespan, etc …

  2. SonarQubeTM : maintenance

    The SonarQubeTM service is outdated. Indeed, the application version is currently 6.7 when the LTS is now 7.9. We plan to upgrade to SonarQubeTM 7.9.5 LTS on Wednesday, December the 23th. The service will possibly be disturbed all day long.

    In addition a database …

  3. SonarQubeTM : statistics

    Some figures about SonarQubeTM (2020-08-04)

    • Context : project's entries in the SonarQubeTM database with a last_analysis before 2018-12-31 have been deleted
    • 245 projects, 171 users account (90 referenced in at least a project)
    • Projects by last analysis date: 25% < 100 days, 100 days < 18% < 200 days 57% > 200 …
  4. SonarQubeTM : clean up

    The SonarQubeTM database has been cleaned up

    • User's accounts who are not anymore in the iLdap database have been deleted.
    • Projects with a last_analysis before the 2018-12-31 have been deleted (suppose to be dead projects).
    • Owners of projects with a non compliant name have been or will be …
  5. SonarQubeTM : training session in Bordeaux

    Program :

    Jeudi 3 octobre 2019 après-midi :

    • Installation sonar-scanner, fichiers + pour tester bonne installation
    • analyse statique en local avec le code jouet (heat par exemple)
    • installer les différents outils analyse statique : c/c++ et python
    • puis lancer les analyses
    • puis ajouter les bonnes propriétés pour intégration …
  6. SonarQubeTM in November

    SonarQubeTM has been honored by a Inria Award.

    By November the 9Th (2018) SonarQubeTM has reached 85 user accounts and 62 projects.

    During the month of November (2018), we will activate the clean up process. That means cleaning up the user accounts (typically removing user accounts for people …

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