SonarQubeTM in November

SonarQubeTM has been honored by a Inria Award.

By November the 9Th (2018) SonarQubeTM has reached 85 user accounts and 62 projects.

During the month of November (2018), we will activate the clean up process. That means cleaning up the user accounts (typically removing user accounts for people who are not at Inria any more), and cleaning up the project entries, by removing project entries in SonarQubeTM for projects whose name is not compliant with the rule team_name:code_name:... or projects entries which did not receive any input for the last 12 months. Just remember that no code will be lost after the clean up process. Only the tag history will be lost.

Please contact the support team if any trouble

For that, an entry in the has been added. Or by email at